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Sunday, September 17, 2017

I'm mostly canning tomatoes

When I looked at my blog post list and saw the last time I posted was in March.....I was a little ashamed of myself. But only a little. Spring, summer, fall, they are all busy times here on our little farm. I've been knitting, but I've also become caretaker of some sheep, planted a big garden, went on vacation (yay!), and currently I'm canning. A lot. Mostly tomatoes but today I made some pickled miso vegetables I'm eager to try. 

Before I go much further, because this is a crafting/knitting blog, these are my future yarn providers. They are Border Leicheters, and really rather spoiled girls. The ewe in the background there is going to be bred in a few weeks, the others will wait until next year when they are old enough. The black sheep is actually something else......part Icelandic I think. She was bought as a meat sheep but we all sort of fell in love with her.

In April I went on a trip to Seattle with my sister and niece, and I bought myself some Frabjous Cheshire Cat Mini Skeins. Then I came home and made a Sugar Maple top. I had almost enough, but ended up getting another skein to finish it. Poor me, I have almost an entire skein I'll have to use up on another project. I really love how the top turned out, and last night I wore it to dinner. I finished it in July and just managed to get my daughter to snap a few pictures. This yarn is so super soft, it felt wonderful wearing it. 

I've got to run now and get the girls to someplace or other, I'll post my latest project as soon as I can (it won't take 6 months, I'm too proud of it).

Monday, March 27, 2017

In which I force my knitting on people

Right after Christmas I went on a small work-related road trip with two ladies that I like a lot. Over the course of the couple of days I had decided to make one a cabled hat, and the other asked for a messy bun hat for running. All it takes is a couple of compliments on my knitting and I am off and running. Oh the joy when people WANT me to knit something for them.

First up, I knit Father Cables, with a blue Lions Brand yarn I had leftover from my Bloomsbury sweater. This pattern is free, and I loved knitting it. I just love cables, I do!

I decided to give her the hat for her birthday in February, and she loves it. I won't post a picture of her on the blog, but you can see it well enough on Poly. 

Next up I took a look at messy bun hats. I didn't really want to try to crochet, and I didn't want it plain and boring. She did ask for brightish colors since she would wear it for running, and she does like my Hermione Hat that I keep in my work car. So, all that sorted, I used another stash yarn-- Loops and Threads Impeccable Ombre (it hurt my hands but I got it done), and the Hermione Hat pattern (free!).

 It looks really rather funny to me, and I think the opening is too high, but maybe that is just me. I used another free messy bun pattern to do the opening, and there are so many different way to do it. Here is a bad bathroom picture of me in it:
All in all, a few fun hats. I also ran into another co-worker that crochets for a kids charity up north. I made her a bunch of hats last year and she was sniffing around for more, so I guess I had better get started on those one of these days........

Lastly, you've earned a moment of zen, compliments of Biscuit

Christmas knits

I'm waaaaay behind in my posts, because it is near the end of March and I'm going to post my Christmas knits. Oh well, better late than never I guess. 

Every year I try to knit the girls something for Christmas--teaching that homemade is best and whatnot. This year I made them shawls. I know, they are only 10, but for whatever reason they both really wanted shawls. Thus far I've only knit small shawls, or shawlettes, or whatever your call them, so I wanted to pick something relatively easy. I picked the Campside shawl, and I really enjoyed it (even making two!). The pattern is free, which never ceases to amaze me, people are just so giving with their talent.

I chose Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool, in the girliest colors ever (I think they are just now thinking there is a world outside of pink and purple). The yarn is 45% Wool, 35% Silk, 20% manufactured Fibers - Nylon / Polyamide. I liked the yarn, it was different than what I normally use, and was a nice change of scenery if you will.

They shawls took about a month and a half each for me to knit, in secret, with the girls beating down the door because it was locked. They love them however, and that is all that matters. 

I also knit them both a hat, from patterns I already had, and yarn I didn't know what to do with. 

Now that it is waaaaay past Christmas and time for their birthday I've knit them fingers mitts, but that is a post for another day, it took me long enough to hit publish on this one!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Addictive knits

I've just recently discovered something so addictive I feel like I shouldn't even talk about, lest more people become addicted and lose precious hours of their day to it. However, since this IS a knitting blog, and I'm having so much fun, I will. 

I just started a 10 Stitch scrap blanket, and it is divine. The other day I drank a strange combination of wine (with dinner) and tea (after dinner) and somehow ended up with energy to burn and a craft closet to clean out. It looks wonderful now, and it got me to thinking I should start another scrap blanket. I made a crochet one years ago now (I love it),  but that didn't use up the tiny little bits I've been storing, and I feel like the 10 Stitch will. So I put all the smallest pieces in a basket, and let the girls lay them out in the order they wanted me to use them, and I got going. It is really very easy, though I didn't do the daisy join right the first time, but I soon realized I wasn't slipping the stitch on the reverse side correctly and once I'd fixed that--presto!

The thing I most love about scrap blankets is that they can be ugly to everyone but the person making it. I like to think about each yarn as I use it--where I bought it, what I used it for, who I gave the project to. It is a lovely little trip down memory lane, and so very enjoyable. For some reason, it is also highly addictive, and I am having trouble putting it down. The laundry lays neglected, the kids are playing too much computer, the husband really deserves help with the fence, but here I sit, knitting. It is really quite addictive.

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